EBA says biomethane is 30% cheaper than natural gas, can alleviate gas price crisis

February 20, 2022 |

In Belgium, the European Biogas Association said biomethane can be a way out of the EU gas price crisis as the price of biomethane is 30% lower than the current natural gas pricing today. Biomethane can be produced starting from €55/MWh, whereas natural gas costs around €80/MWh, without considering CO2 prices.

This renewable gas will likely remain cheaper than natural gas in the short and also in the long term. Whilst other renewable gases such as green hydrogen need time to scale up and are still 2-4 times more expensive, biomethane is available and scalable within the coming 8 years.

The rapid scale up of biomethane across Europe could provide at least 34 bcm of renewable gas by 2030 if underpinned by a supportive legislative framework. This represents approximately 10% of total EU gas demand by 2030. This potential is reflected in many recent reports from different sources, including the European Commission. According to the EBA, if the growth trend continues, by 2050 the biomethane industry could cover 30-40% of the EU gas demand.

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