Sphere performs LCA on Avantium’s plantMEG

March 2, 2022 |

In the Netherlands, Avantium partnered with Sphera to perform a cradle-to-grave LCA for Avantium’s plantMEG in its most applicable market (PET bottles) in 2025 with a regional focus on Europe. The LCA takes into account the use of beet sugar from Cosun Beet Companyi, the process based on Avantium’s Ray
Technology, as well as the end-of-life (at which point waste materials are recycled, incinerated or landfilled). The LCA is aligned with European Commission 2025 target setting for PET and plastic bottle collection and recycling in the Single Use Plastics Directive and uses the Circular Footprint
Formula for end-of-life allocation. The study compared Avantium’s plantMEG production with current incumbent alternative production routes of MEG (using natural gas, naphtha, shale gas and coal feedstock). For the plantMEG production process, electricity from wind, green hydrogen based on wind power and thermal energy from natural gas was assumedii. The plantMEG LCA study has been conducted according to the guidelines of ISO 14040/14044 and has been reviewed by an external critical review panel.

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