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March 3, 2022 |

#2 By land and sea: Combo motorized boat/camper/tricycle incorporates bioplastics

In Latvia, design studio Zeltini has unveiled a prototype of a motorized camper, tricycle, and boat in one. Dubbed Z-Triton 2.0, the home/vehicle for land and water aims to “shift the way people engage with nature.”

By collaborating with designers and engineers, Triton 2.0 improves upon a 2020 prototype with features and functions that make it ready for the market and mass production. Compared to its predecessor, Z-Triton 2.0 is wider, with more room for two to comfortably sleep. The motorized tricycle feature was made more comfortable with rear suspension and double the power, and the boat function was also given more power.

In all three forms, Z-Triton 2.0 is 100% electric. The body is made from fiberglass, recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, and 3D printed bioplastics. Currently the price is €14,500 (US$16,264), although it was unclear how many were available.

More on the story, here.

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