California company claims world’s first biodegradable sneaker

March 28, 2022 |

In California, new sustainable footwear brand Blueview has launched what it claims to be the world’s first biodegradable shoe. 

Dubbed Blueview Pacific and retailing for $135, the sneaker features Soleic renewable polyurethane foam for arch support, cupsole, and outsole and PlantKnit, the world’s first plant-based and fully biodegradable machine knitted shoe upper. A canvas strap allows the wearer to sport the sneaker as a loafer or slip-on. 

“As a surfer, I’ve seen firsthand how our oceans are being affected by plastic pollution,” Tom Cooke, co-founder and president of Blueview, says in a press statement. “By uniting my expertise in the footwear industry with the advancements developed by our science team, I am proud to provide our customers with access to the world’s first biodegradable shoe.”    

Blueview says the sneaker took more than six years to develop.  The shoes biodegrade under aerobic composting conditions (ASTM D5338), which means, they will completely break down when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost. 

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