REG unveils EnDura branded fuels suite in bid to shake-up heavy-duty transport

March 30, 2022 |

In Iowa, Renewable Energy Group introduced its EnDura Fuels line of renewable fuels solutions. This branded product launch supports Renewable Energy Group’s ongoing efforts to help the transport industry meet its sustainability and business growth objectives, while strengthening the Company’s position in the marketplace.

The EnDura Fuels line consists of five bio-based diesel fuels including Renewable Energy Group’s newest product, PuriD, a next-generation biodiesel. PuriD exceeds industry quality standards and enables customers to blend PuriD into renewable diesel at virtually any level and utilize higher biodiesel blends with petroleum diesel year-round.  Here’s the line-up:

InfiniD biodiesel

InfiniD clean-burning biodiesel solution provides engine performance and emissions benefits to fleets looking to reach their sustainability goals economically. InfiniD is produced from multiple feedstocks, including recycled cooking oil, distillers corn oil, animal fats and vegetable oils which helps ensure a consistent supply.

  • Enables decarbonization today with much lower Carbon Intensity (CI) than petroleum diesel
  • Sustainable oxygenated fuel option that can improve combustion quality and lubricity of petroleum fuels

PuriD next-gen biodiesel for higher blends

PuriD is produced using advanced refining processes and testing procedures to meet Renewable Energy Group’s next-generation quality standards.

  • This ultra biodiesel fuel is backed by years of laboratory research and field testing and more than 32.9 million gallons of over-the-road use
  • Enables fuel users to confidently increase biodiesel blend levels year-round
  • Developed specifically for virtually seamless blending with renewable diesel
  • Stringent quality standards that exceed ASTM, CEN and CGSB biofuel quality requirements
  • PuriD blends with petroleum diesel and can be managed using the same cold flow properties you use to manage your petroleum fuels

Ultra Clean BlenD: high performance blend, superior to fossil or renewable diesel

UltraClean BlenD provides excellent lubricity, high Cetane, and low Cloud Point for superior performance, all while enabling sustainability targets to be met.

  • UltraClean BlenD can provide the lowest overall engine emissions of any diesel fuel option
  • Superior lubricity to renewable diesel and can even have a lower freezing point
  • Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are much lower than petroleum diesel allow for decarbonization today
  • Elastomer swell, density and bulk modulus properties of UltraClean Blend are a better match for conventional diesel than 100% renewable diesel

VelociD: Low-Carbon Renewable diesel 

VelociD is a clean-burning renewable diesel fuel that can serve as a direct replacement for petroleum diesel for maximum engine performance and reduced emissions benefits across the fleet.

  • Clean-burning, ultra-high Cetane hydrocarbon renewable fuel
  • Stringent quality standards that exceed ASTM, CEN and CGSB specification requirements. Low Carbon Intensity (CI) enables decarbonization today

BeyonD: A Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

BeyonD is a high-quality sustainable aviation fuel that meets specifications and reduces carbon emissions. Part of Renewable Energy Group’s complete line of EnDura Fuels, this fuel makes decarbonization possible for the aviation industry.

  • Meets the ASTM D7566 fuel specifications
  • Produced with no fossil carbon, allowing dramatic reductions in direct aircraft fossil carbon emissions1
  • Clean-burning blendstock for petroleum jet fuel

The Product is produced utilizing 100% renewable oils and fats. Methanol used to make biodiesel and hydrogen used to make renewable diesel and SAF are typically made from conventional natural gas

Reaction from the stakeholders

“At REG, we’re helping to redefine what’s possible with the cleaner fuel solutions that we are unveiling, which allow us to immediately serve our customers and the world as the clean energy transition partner of choice,” said Cynthia (CJ) Warner, President and CEO of Renewable Energy Group. “Bio-based diesel can play an essential role in helping the entire transport industry reduce carbon emissions, and our customers are already seeing great success with our line of fuels, including our latest fuel innovation, PuriD, and our flagship product Ultra Clean BlenD

“Improving the environmental sustainability of our operations is a key area of focus for our business,” said Craig Harper, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President for J.B. Hunt. “Alternative fuels, such as the new EnDura Fuels branded product line from REG, play a pivotal role in helping our organization and industry reduce our carbon footprint. Today, more than 50% of all fuel purchased by J.B. Hunt is a bio-blended diesel product.”

The Bottom Line

Branded fuel is what’s been missing in the renewables space — it’s been a case of the invisible brand for many years. Some have tried to brand the fuel and tout performance on carbon and also on aspects such as lubricity, freeze point, cetane and so forth. Nothing even close to this. 

Now, it’s one thing to name a brand and quite another to get people to focus on the brand, remember it, and prefer its benefits over the competition. The story of APPLE didn’t end with the naming of the company in 1977 or the naming of the Mac in 1984 or the naming of the iPhone. So, the hard yards of branding are ahead. Having said that, there’s breathtaking scope and ambition here and, when the company is owned by Chevron as is expected later this year, REG’s fuels will have even more oomph behind them to turn fuels naming into fuels adoption.


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