Cavitation Technologies rides Alfa Laval’s acquisition of Desmet Ballestra towards further internationalization

April 5, 2022 |

In California, Cavitation Technologies plans to expand international operations as one of its key strategic partners Desmet Ballestra was acquired by Alfa Laval. By signing the Agreement announced on March 31, 2022, Alfa Laval and Desmet Ballestra are no longer in competition with each other. In turn, the acquisition will strengthen CTi’s global position by opening more occasions for their proprietary Nano Reactor ®applications and business opportunities.

Since 2010 CTi has granted an exclusive license to Desmet Ballestra—with exclusive rights to market, sell, and supply their technology Nano Reactor ® Systems incorporating Nano Reactor ® Devices—for the sole purpose of producing and/or processing plant oils & fats, or oleochemicals. CTI’s strategic partnership with Desmet Ballestra has been instrumental in delivering CVAT technology and systems around the world.

Through the adjacent growth from Desmet being acquired by Alfa Laval, CTi is now looking to expand the relationship with combined companies and scale up its operations internationally.

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