Japanese companies complete demo plant with tech developed with LanzaTech

April 13, 2022 |

In Japan, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., Ltd., INCJ, Ltd., and SEKISUI BIO REFINERY CO., Ltd. have completed construction of a demonstration plant in Kuji City, Iwate, Japan with the aim of demonstrating the viability of the technology that converts municipal/industrial waste into ethanol on a commercial scale. This technology uses a microbial catalyst and gas fermentation process that was jointly developed by SEKISUI CHEMICAL and LanzaTech NZ.

This first of its kind demonstration plant was constructed with investments from SBR, a joint venture between SEKISUI CHEMICAL and INJC, a private-public fund overseen by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). It has also received funding from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

The goal of the SBR Kuji demonstration plant is to assess the technological and commercial viability of BR ethanol technology from municipal/industrial waste. The parties will use this facility to validate the technology and commerciality of scaling up, system optimization, stable operations, and business feasibility. This demonstration plant is approximately 1/10th the size of a commercial plant, and ethanol will be produced from municipal waste sourced from Kuji City, which will total approximately 20 tons per day. In addition to proving the technical feasibility of this technology, the demonstration plant aims to show the long-term benefits of resource recycling. It will be open to tours by municipalities, waste management companies, and other interested stakeholders to spread awareness of the new technology and its products.

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