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April 21, 2022 |

On this Earth Day, we highlight a very green organization – literally green – Algae for Future. This Portugal-based biotech company has the world’s largest algae cascade raceway and is designing, building, and operating commercial-scale microalgae production facilities. 

In today’s Digest, an exclusive Digest Q&A with Algae for Future, a peek behind the tech, what they’ve accomplished in the last 3 years, what they plan on making happen in the next 3, and more

Q: Tell us about your organization. What do you do?

A4F is a biotech company focused on the development and operation of industrial scale algae facilities, with a strong track record of R&D and Innovation projects. 

Q: What stage of development are you?

Commercial stage – have mature products or services on the market.

Q: What do your technologies, products or services do and accomplish – how does it (they) work, who is it (they) aimed for?

We are specialized in the production and processing of seaweeds and microalgae for food, feed, cosmetics, fertilizers, bioplastics, biofuels, carbon capture and storage, wastewater treatment and soil remediation. 

We can supply technological solutions to produce and biorefine algae, or we can provide a DBOT service. We also work as a Contract Research Organization for the algae, fermentation and biorefinery sectors, and as a Contract Development Organization for the algae sectors at pilot scale.

Q: Competitively, what gives your technology, product or service set an edge in cost or performance, sustainability, or any other aspect, that makes it stand out from the crowd, In short, what makes it transformative? 

Algae are one of the most promising and sustainable sources of biomass and high-value compounds. They have a vast biosynthetic potential, grow through photosynthesis (sunlight + CO2 -> biomass + O2), don’t need arable land, don’t compete with food crops, can grow in fresh and saltwater, and we can recycle more than 90% of the water used. A4F has a relevant track record of integrating algae facilities with traditional industries, in a perfect model of circular economy

Q: What are the 3 top milestones you have accomplished in the past 3 years? 

1.     The implementation of the largest microalgae production unit in Europe: 14ha land of brine ponds were reconverted for the production of microalgae, without changing the morphology of the field.

2.     The broadening of the scope of the group A4F to include the seaweed, fermentation and biorefinery sectors in our value proposition within the bioindustry.

3.     The award of several contracts for feedstock replacement identification with major players in the food, feed, energy and utility materials sectors.

Q: What are the 3 top milestones you will accomplish in the next 3 years?

1.     Implementation of a multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product microalgae biorefinery.

2.     Implementation of a seaweed production unit in pre-existing lakes for aquaculture, and a biorefinery for algae biomass valorization.

3.     Implementation of a complete circular-bio-chemical industrial plant, integrating in a bio circular approach the CO2 & liquid effluents from a chemical plant, with the production of algae biomass to the produce biogas as source of energy and H2, to return to the chemical plant.

Q. Where can I learn more about Algae for Future?

Click here to visit Algae for Future’s website.


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