IndieBio to Demo Day virtually on April 26

April 21, 2022 |

In California, IndieBio San Francisco’s 12th batch is debuting on April 26 at 10 am PST (virtual). The presentation will be less than 45 minutes, just like it was last year. People loved the format so much they decided to do it again.

Demo Day is separate from the in-person Expo: If you are an investor who has invested in us before or have met us, please contact one of the team members to attend one of our in-person Expos, which is an event where the actual “demos” are out for tasting/touching/seeing, along with food and drinks in an intimate setting. 75 guest max capacity (but there are three days to choose from).

Only accredited investors will receive a special link to the investor portal with decks and supplemental materials; you must RSVP, as an investor, to receive that link.

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