NEXT-ChemX presents patented technologies that purify bio-oils and biodiesel

May 4, 2022 |

In Texas, NEXT-ChemX Corporation’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Nikolai Kocherginsky and Chemical Engineer, Sumukh Metawala, made a presentation entitled “Membrane-Based Oil & Biodiesel Washing” during the 2022 American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Annual Meeting, held May 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia

The presentation was based upon patented and proprietary technology assigned to Next-ChemX Corporation. Bio-oils and biodiesel require purification, also known as washing, which can be done with NEXT-ChemX technology in a continuous fast process that does not require mixing. For example, the purified diesel would have the following advantages:

·      No glycerol, potassium methoxide, metals, less color, etc.

·      No mixer/settler or centrifugation used.

·      No water is accumulated in oil.

·      No oil is lost in water.

·      No emulsion formation.

·      No bleaching earth is required.

·      No transmembrane pressure or voltage used.

Therefore energy-saving with a low footprint and much faster economical technology.

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