Over 50% of U.S. commercial trucks are powered by near-zero emissions advanced diesel tech

May 15, 2022 |

In Washington, D.C., research commissioned by the Diesel Technology Forum shows that for the first time, more than half (about 53%) of all diesel commercial vehicles on the road in the U.S. are advanced diesel technology models and are capable of running on low-carbon renewable biofuels.

The data examines the number of 2010+ model year diesel trucks operating today.

Diesel Technology Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer said he’s confident in diesel’s future dominance because those same advanced diesel engines, as well as older diesel engines, are capable of running on low-carbon renewable biofuels. Taken together, these elements make diesel technology part of the solution to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They lower GHG and other emissions 20-80% compared to conventional diesel fuel.

The Diesel Technology Forum members are leaders in advanced diesel technology, emissions controls, as well as petroleum-based and renewable biofuels.

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