New paper looks at carbon benefits of using biofuels

June 15, 2022 |

In Virginia, The Fuels Institute published a new white paper, “Assessment of Biofuels Policy: Effectiveness of Emissions Reductions,” which explores the carbon benefits to using biofuels and looks at fuel ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel and gasoline, hydrogen and R80B20.

The paper also looks at evaluating the policies that affect these fuels, the availability of feedstocks to expand their market share and the vehicle and infrastructure capabilities of accommodating such an expansion.

The paper presents the challenges in settling on a global, common method for evaluating life cycle carbon emission. It also addresses the current and proposed policy environment and associated costs, demonstrating that that there are policies designed to encourage the use of these fuels that conflict with policies that are designed to limit the use of these fuels. This paper sets up the discussion about how we harmonize the policy approach to take advantage of low carbon options that exist today or plan for those that are on the cusp of being viable.

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