EU rapeseed crop 2022 projected at five-year high

June 16, 2022 |

In Romania, UFOP reports that despite previously low rainfall in some regions, the EU Commission expects the German and French rapeseed harvests to be larger than the previous year, and could be the largest harvest since 2017.

According to recent information published by the EU Commission, the EU rapeseed harvest in 2022 will likely exceed the previous year’s by just under 8 per cent. It is currently projected at 18.30 million tonnes. The main factor for the presumably larger harvests in the most important rapeseed producing EU countries is the 7.5 per cent expansion in production area compared to the previous year to 5.7 million hectares. At this point in time, harvest estimates are naturally still vague, because the harvest result will be determined by weather conditions in the coming weeks.

There has been a lack of rain, especially in the north and east of Germany. However, pest pressure has been low due to persistently cool temperatures. As a result, most winter-planted crops are nevertheless in good condition all across Germany. The EU Commission expects the German rapeseed harvest to reach 3.97 million tonnes. This would translate to a 13 per cent rise year-on-year. France is also expected to see a harvest increase around of 16 per cent to 3.83 million tonnes of rapeseed compared to 2021, despite frosts and lack of rain. By contrast, according to investigations conducted by Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (mbH), Poland, the third most important rapeseed producer within the European Union, is likely to harvest just under 5 per cent less, around 3.04 million tonnes.

For the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Denmark, the EU Commission expects an expansion in area planted, which supports the estimate of the total harvest.

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