ePure members reduced GHG emissions in 2021 by nearly 77% against fossil fuels

June 22, 2022 |

In Belgium, production and use of renewable ethanol from ePURE members reduced greenhouse-gas emissions by an average of 76.9% compared to fossil fuels in 2021, according to newly certified data. It was the tenth consecutive year in which EU renewable ethanol increased its GHG-reduction score.

The record-breaking figure comes at a crucial moment for EU energy and climate legislation as policymakers determine what role sustainable biofuels such as renewable ethanol can play in the drive to carbon-neutrality.

The record-high GHG-saving performance of ePURE members’ ethanol was also accompanied by significant production of animal feed (4.48 million metric tons) and of captured CO2 (1.05 million tons) – more ways in which ethanol production contributes to EU food security and offsets fossil fuel use. For the first time, ePURE members produced more animal feed co-products than renewable ethanol – more food than fuel. The 2021 findings were compiled from ePURE members and certified by auditing firm Copartner.

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