Indonesia to implement B35 biodiesel by end of the month

July 10, 2022 |

In Indonesia, Reuters reports that Indonesia aims to implement a 35% palm oil mix in biodiesel (B35), by the end of July to help absorb excess palm oil supply, senior energy ministry official Dadan Kusdiana said on Friday. Dadan also told CNBC Indonesia that the ministry had run laboratory testing for biodiesel containing up to 40% of palm oil fuel in biodiesel (B40).

The world’s biggest palm oil producer currently has a mandatory 30% blend of palm oil-based fuel in its biodiesel and the government has been looking at raising it to 35% or 40% to support the price of local palm oil fruits, according to Reuters. The Southeast Asian country is struggling to cut palm oil inventories after a three-week export ban ending in May aimed at controlling domestic cooking oil prices had boosted stocks and weighed on palm fruit prices amid the peak harvest season.

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