Finland sends out biofuel blending mandate for comments

July 13, 2022 |

In Finland, the biofuel blending obligation aims at replacing light fuel oil used especially in building-specific heating and machinery with biofuel. The draft amendments to the distribution obligation of biofuel and the Sustainability Act have been sent out for comments.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment invites comments on amendments to the Act on the Promotion of Biofuel Oil and the Act on Biofuels, Bio liquids and Biomass Fuels, i.e. the Sustainability Act.

According to the proposal sent out for comments, the distribution obligation of biofuel would be raised as of 2026 so that in 2030 it would be 30 per cent. Now, the obligation to distribute biofuel increases annually so that it is 10 per cent by 2028. The proposed increase aims at reducing emissions by 0.5 million metric tons.

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