Cardboard pregnancy test targets greener gestation 

July 25, 2022 |

In the United Kingdom, an entrepreneur has launched a 99% paper pregnancy test that can be recycled with the rest of your cardboard boxes and papers. 

Dubbed Hoopsy, the test is the creation of Lara Solomon, who was concerned by the amount of plastic waste generated by her own infertility journey. According to Women’s Health magazine, over 15 million home pregnancy tests are used annually in the UK. Solomon tells the publication she hopes Hoopsy will “provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet.” 

The tests are 99% accurate and provide results within 5 minutes, comparable to major brands’ tests.  Available at, the tests are priced at three for £14.99, five for £22.99, and ten for £39.99. 

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