Tokuyama and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical sign MOU to study CCU-based methanol production

July 25, 2022 |

In Japan, Tokuyama Corporation and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. have signed an MOU to conduct a feasibility study into the manufacture and sale of methanol made from carbon dioxide emitted and hydrogen generated at Tokuyama’s Tokuyama Factory, using MGC’s newly developed methanol production technology. This study will also consider the use of H2 produced using green electricity generated by biomass power generation.

MGC and Tokuyama have decided to jointly study the commercialization of green products, which have low greenhouse gas emissions, from a shared desire to deploy these products in society and build a decarbonized world.
The commercialization of the results of this study will lead to the establishment of Japan’s first commercial plant to recycle CO2 emitted from factories to produce methanol. This methanol will be a feedstock for chemical products manufactured by Tokuyama and will increase their sustainability. It will also be supplied via MGC’s existing supply network to customers who need environmentally recyclable chemical products as well as those who need a source of fuel/H2 with low greenhouse gas emissions.

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