Cepsa Química supplies Unilever with NextLab bio-based linear alkylbenzene

August 4, 2022 |

In Spain, Cepsa Química has supplied consumer goods leader Unilever with NextLab linear alkylbenzene (LAB), a new range of sustainable products which include renewable and recycled raw materials. This sets a new milestone for circular chemistry, as NextLab linear alkybenzene (LAB) is made using “green carbon” derived from biomass instead of the fossil fuels the industry has employed until now to make cleaning and laundry products.

Cepsa Química uses a Mass Balance approach to create NextLab. Through Mass Balance, traditional black carbon sources are blended and co-processed with those from plant-based sources, known as green carbon. Afterwards, they are tracked throughout the entire production process to ensure that an appropriate volume of the green carbon content is in the final LAS surfactant. 

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