Show me the honey: Start up developing bee-free route

August 8, 2022 |

In the Netherlands, Fooditive has begun developing bee-free honey using DNA from honey and fermentation enzymes. The company says its faux honey has the same taste, texture and color as the real thing, and trials are set to begin next year. 

Being a “busy bee” of a company, honey is just the start for Fooditive. The company says the process it used to develop honey could be used to make any animal product. It is also advancing a table salt alternative from citric acid and potassium chloride that is lower in sodium and better for the environment, as well as vegan casein for improved alternative cheeses. This is all in additional to already-launched products such as a sweetener made from apples and pears and a milk alternative made from peas. 

“We feel like the next chapter of this journey has just begun. With the support from our shareholders, clients, partners and our team we are focused to increase our impact and make a fundamental change in the industry,” said Moayad Abushokhedim, founder of Fooditive.

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