The Digest’s 2022 State of Hydrogen presentation

August 25, 2022 |

Hydrogen is hot and temperature has nothing to do with it, it’s a momentum story. The world has discovered the hydrogen is dirty, we use it in many everyday applications, it can be decarbonized with technologies like electrolysis to split water.

Here we look at the world of Hydrogen – markets, players, technologies, policy, including:

  1. Impacts of the Russian aggression: green hydrogen is cheaper than conventional in Europe.
  2. Impacts of electrification.
  3. Major applications: Ammonia (without it we all starve) and methanol (the chemists Swiss Army knife) are two of the largest ones. Other potential applications: vehicles (but EVs are a threat)–hydrogen is also another option for energy storage.
  4. Options for renewable hydrogen

Here below are the slides from the ABLC CONNECT episode on Hydrogen and its markets.

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