Rutgers University spins off RenewCO2 to create carbon-negative, plastic monomers

September 21, 2022 |

In New Jersey, with chemical production lending to more than 15% of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions, startup RenewCO2 announced its spin-out from Rutgers University, securing an exclusive licensing to scale its novel catalyst technology to convert carbon from hard-to-abate sectors and transform it into a feedstock for carbon-negative, plastic monomers at a fraction of the cost of plastics derived from fossil sources. Founded by two immigrants out of one of the leading catalyst laboratories in the US, the startup has raised over $10 million in venture investment and grant funding, including a seed round of over $2 million led by Energy Transition Ventures. RenewCO2 expects to begin supplying its eCUT electrolysis systems to customers by 2025.

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