Getting ABLC Ready: The Digest’s 5 Minute Guide to Fermworx

September 22, 2022 |

As ABLC Next approaches with record crowds and plenty of companies to meet, we’re profiling key industry players over the next month in our long-standing “5 Minutes With” series. Today, Fermworx, aspiring to be the world’s leading specialty fermentation company with local production and a global presence focused on making quality products and exceeding customer expectations.

Tell us about your organization. What do you do?

Specialty/Precision Fermentation in the United States. 

1) Currently producing fermentation based products for key customers. 

2) Pilot lab and pilot Plant capabilities to 5,000 gal.

3) Reducing time from technology transfer to launch. 

4) Providing a smooth transition from pilot to commercial scale of 20,000 gal and above.

What stage of development are you at?

Commercial stage – have mature products or services on the market.

What do your technologies, products or services do and accomplish?

1) We are a true partner working hand in hand with just a few companies to ensure that they have a pathway to take an organism from the lab to full commercial scale in the most efficient way possible without having to worry about capacity. 

2) We continue to produce our own specialty products and search for other advantaged organisms that we can grow here in the United States.

Competitively, what gives your technology, product or service set an edge in cost or performance, sustainability, or any other aspect, that makes it stand out from the crowd, In short, what makes it transformative?

We are the only US production site with significant excess fermentation capacity coming online within the next two years and an experienced team of professionals that know how to make it happen.

What are the 3 top milestones you have accomplished in the past 3 years?

1) Completed an ownership transition enabling significant company growth and a new management team of experienced industry professionals. 

2) Commercialized our first products at scale. 

3) Completed our pilot lab and pilot plant allowing our partners a pathway to quickly accelerate their commercial plans.

What are the 3 top milestones you will accomplish in the next 3 years?

1) Deploy the current fermenters on site which will provide 100’s of thousands of gallons of additional fermentation capacity. 

2) Complete Round Two of our expansion by deploying the remaining fermenters onsite bringing total available capacity to 400,000 + gallons. 

3) Continue to enhance our capabilities in terms of team proficiencies, additional site certifications/qualifications and operational effectiveness.

Where can readers learn more?

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