Australian cultivated meat company opens first factory

October 10, 2022 |

In Australia, Vow has opened one of the world’s largest cultivated meat production facilities. 

Dubbed Factory 1, the New South Wales facility has the capacity to produce 30 tons of “an extremely delicious” but undisclosed first product annually. 

“With Factory 1, Vow has quietly become a world leader in cultured meat, we are now operating at world leading scales and have achieved all of this in just three and a half years, with a fraction of the capital,” Vow’s CEO George Peppou said in a statement.

Vow has been developing lab-grown chicken, beef and pork. Its first product will be launched in Singapore, the only country so far to okay cultivated meat for human consumption. Vow is also working to secure regulatory approval in Australia. 

Vow says Factory 2 will have 30,000 tons of annual capacity and come online in 2024. 

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