Rolls-Royce working to ensure all of its engines are compatible with renewable fuels

October 12, 2022 |

In the UK, Rolls-Royce is working to ensure that all of its combustion engines are compatible with biofuels, renewable diesel (HVO), hydrogen or other e-fuels produced using green, renewable electricity. 

Unlike other alternatives, HVO is already commercially available as a drop-in fuel – meaning its use requires no alterations to engine hardware – and approved for use as a fuel for several of our mtu gensets including the Series 1600 and Series 4000. What’s more, it’s expected to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%. 

Alongside this, the use of HVO as an alternative to fossil fuels could enable a reduction in particulate emissions of up to 80% and nitrogen oxide emissions by an average of 8%.

In the future, gas and battery systems for standby power supplies and microgrids could also be a distinct possibility and, once available and economically viable, hydrogen and fuel cell solutions will also accelerate the energy transition. In the meantime, HVO is a great starting point on our journey towards net zero.

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