Prairie Energy Partners finalizing location of proposed $5.56B refinery conversion

October 13, 2022 |

In Texas, Prairie Energy Partners, a wholly owned company of Southern Rock Energy Partners, is working to finalize the location of its proposed $5.56 billion and 423-job, next-generation, full conversion crude refinery—with the final two competing sites in Victoria County, Texas, and Payne and Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

The refinery complex will reduce and eliminate 95 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxide); reduce water production and consumption by 90 percent, with 80 percent further recycled and repurposed; and use a reduced footprint of only 400 acres while still producing approximately 91.25 million barrels, or 3.8325 billion gallons, annually of cleaner transportation fuels, including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from crudes sourced domestically from the Eagle Ford, Permian, DJ and Bakken Basins.

While most refineries consume natural gas in the process heating units, this proposed facility would instead combine pure oxygen with “blue” hydrogen (produced from refining off-gases) and “green” hydrogen (from electrolysis), with steam being the primary waste stream.

The Prairie Energy Partners’ refinery will be powered by 100 percent renewable electricity, either sourced from the grid or generated on-site from recycled and repurposed waste heat, geothermal and solar assets. The facility’s hydrogen complex will be the only unit of the facility that produces carbon dioxide, which will be captured and sequestered.

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