LanzaTech partners on next-generation bioreactor demonstration facility in Edmonton

October 27, 2022 |

In Canada, LanzaTech has partnered on a next-generation bioreactor demonstration facility at the City of Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre that is expected to improve the economic viability of an integrated biorefinery. The first-of-a-kind demonstration facility is expected to show a new intensified bioreactor design with greater efficiency and lower operating costs. The demonstration facility, operated by Suncor, is providing data to support future commercial deployment.

The demonstration facility will convert waste-based feedstock, including municipal waste and forestry-residues, into ethanol and other chemicals necessary to make petroleum-free materials and goods. The ethanol produced from the biorefinery can be further processed into other products, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), using the LanzaJet™ alcohol to jet technology. The forestry residues are comprised of woody biomass material that is left after forestry operations (small diameter trees, branches, etc.). If handled through traditional waste management practices, forestry residues and municipal waste will eventually decompose, and emit climate harming gases, CO2 and methane into the atmosphere. This project is a significant step in widening the pool of waste gases that can be transformed into the chemicals necessary to make petroleum-free materials and goods.

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