It’s Maine! DG Fuels unveils land deal for SAF expansion into the Pine Tree State

November 14, 2022 |

From Washington DC comes news of projects rather than politics. 

DG Fuels,has executed  long-term lease agreements with the Loring Development Authority for 1,240 acres in Aroostock County, Maine — part of the former Loring Air Force Base located near Limestone and Caribou.

The site will host DG Fuels second SAF facility as well as the site for other industrial development. Subject to timely financing commitments, the project will break ground in the Summer of 2024. The project is expected to create 2,300 jobs during the construction phase and 650 permanent jobs for the operation of the facility. The project is currently expected to be completed in 2027. 

Why Maine? Going carbon negative, that’s why.

Yes, Maine has timber. Yes, ag wastetoo . Crucially, add in stranded hydroelectric power and DGF’s patented process design is expected to have a carbon intensity score of about -1 gram per megajoule, which is 100% lower than conventional Jet A. 

The project

At its initial expected output of approximately 175 million gallons per year, the DGF SAF product will effectively remove an estimated 1.5 million tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere annually. DGF’s SAF formula also has a higher energy density than conventional Jet A, providing airline customers with operational advantages in addition to the environmental benefits. 

I {{HEART}} Maine

While DGF retains flexibility relating to the destination of the SAF to be produced at the Maine facility, DGF is actively exploring the possibility of delivering SAF to the New York City airports or other major East Coast airport locations. Ultimate considerations, the company says, include the future adoption of state level incentives similar to the LCFS credits available in California. 

Behind the technology

DGF’s high carbon conversion efficiency system allows for the aggressive scale up of production to meet the aviation industries need for SAF in Maine and New York Area. Additionally, DG Fuels SAF product has improved blending characteristics when burned in conjunction with green hydrogen that will further reduce future fuel emissions. 

DG Fuels is building a negative CO2 life cycle emissions synthetic fuel system based on its patented high carbon conversion technology that is targeting a 97% efficiency. The DG Fuels technology directly addresses the issue of scale production to meet the environmental requirements of the aviation industry. The DG Fuels’ technology does not require the development of new engines or types of distribution infrastructure. DG Fuels’ innovative technology produces hydrogen with proven water electrolysis equipment from HydrogenPro, gravity battery power balancing equipment from Energy Vault and biomass carbon derived from timber and agricultural waste via TRI gasification technology. This system creates replacement fuel for aircraft, and potentially for locomotives, vessels, and trucks as well. 

The DG Fuels backstory

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Reaction from the stakeholders

“DG Fuels base line process differs from other systems by having little or no environmental emissions either to the atmosphere or waters while at the same time providing a customer for all forms of agricultural waste to the regions agricultural community alongside waste from the timber industry.” said Michael C. Darcy, Chief Executive Officer of DG Fuels. 

“This exciting project will support efforts by the Mills Administration to revitalize the former Loring Air Force Base and bring new good-paying job opportunities to Aroostook County. We look forward to working closely with DG Fuels as this project continues to take shape,” said Heather Johnson, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development. 

“This kind of investment is key to the Loring Development Authority’s strategy to innovate and promote economic development of Loring as a green energy hub for Maine as well as develop the airport for renewed operations.” said Carl W. Flora, President & CEO, Loring Development Authority of Maine. 

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