Boeing executive sees SAF as key to airline industry’s decarbonization journey

November 16, 2022 |

In Dubai, Arab News reported that a Boeing executive sees sustainable aviation fuel as key to airline industry’s decarbonization.

Robert Boyd, the regional lead of Boeing’s global sustainability policy and partnerships, said that there is a “huge amount of work” needed to drive down SAF prices, including more research and development, and technological development on feedstock. He also said that SAF must be available to developing countries to make an impact beyond the largest aviation hubs.

“If SAF was at cost-cost parity today and it was available, every airline would use it. We need to benefit from the efficiencies of getting scaled. That is really just starting. There is a huge amount of work, sort of research and development and technology, pure technology work on feedstock, which can bring some of these prices down,” he said.

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