The Digest’s 2022 Multi-Slide Guide to Bioplastics: A Crucial Pillar for Circular Bioeconomy

December 15, 2022 |

As society moves towards sustainable development and a circular economy, one aspect that needs urgent attention is the use of plastic and plastic-based products. Praj has been developing best-in-class, lowest-in-carbon, and lowest-cost technologies for Polylactic acid and Polyhydroxyalkanoates. This Digest webinar focused  on the need for bioplastics, Praj’s approach towards bioplastics, and an outline of bioplastics development with the vision of developing and deploying environment-friendly and sustainable solutions to make the world a better place. Ms. Ashvini Shete, Technology Lead – Renewable Chemicals & Materials for Praj Industries presented these slides for Digest Webinars.

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