India aiming for 12% ethanol blending in 2022/23

December 27, 2022 |

In India, Business World reports the government is exploring increasing the ethanol blending mandate for 2022/23 to 12% from the current 10% as it heads towards 20% in 2025. At a meeting on Monday, the food, public distribution and petroleum ministries together with the oil marketing companies met to discuss the potential to reach 12% this year and the ethanol supply availability required. The consensus was that there would be enough production this year to achieve the higher blending level.

The Hindu Business Line reports that oil marketing companies are exploring the possibility of increasing the price paid for ethanol produced from broken grains to further promote production, while Business World says the government has this week approved a 100% subsidy for sugarcane used for producing ethanol from B-heavy molasses, sugarcane juice and syrup that will come into effect in January.

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