Low-Carbon Hydrogen Heads for Sarnia

January 5, 2023 |

To support the region’s ambition of being the launching point of a large-scale, multi-faceted low-carbon hydrogen economy in Ontario – as Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub – the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership has released the Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub in Sarnia-Lambton Strategic Plan, and it’s well worth a look, a gander, and some action..Read all about it here. It’s yet another reason why we have long believed that the correct Canadian spelling for Innovation is S-A-R-N-I-A.  

One Million Tonnes

A Roadmap to 2050 identifies Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub in Sarnia-Lambton has a golden opportunity to have a hydrogen market producing, trading and utilizing over 1 million tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen per year, supporting large-scale industrial decarbonization and net-zero targets while benefitting the local economy and communities. 

In April of last year, the Ontario government released its Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy, which recognized the Sarnia-Lambton area as a region with an opportunity to advance low-carbon hydrogen in the province. In December 2020, the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada was released, suggesting more than 350,000 jobs could result from the hydrogen sector. 

The strategy is designed to entice capital investment and job creation to the Sarnia-Lambton area by identifying pathways to transition the local economy to low-carbon hydrogen production, enable implementation of transformational technologies that utilize hydrogen, promote local expansions, and attract foreign direct investment.

The Hydrogen Hub

Led by the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership, the Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub was launched in 2021 and is supported by an alliance of twenty local stakeholders, including industry, research, and economic development leaders to kickstart the Sarnia-Lambton area’s low-carbon hydrogen economy and position the region for success as Canada shifts towards a low-carbon future. These stakeholders, in addition to provincial and national contributors, played an active role in providing industry information and insights that was critical to the development of the Strategy. 

More Hydrogen background

More on Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub is here. https://www.ontarioshydrogenhub.com

Canada’s bustling biohub

Four other projects of note are underway at Sarnia.

Enbridge Gas RNG. Enbridge Gas has proposed undertaking a major infrastructure project in conjunction with Waste Management to develop renewable natural gas (RNG) at the Twin Creeks Landfill in Watford.

Shell Biodiesel. Shell is proposing to construct infrastructure for biodiesel blending at its Sarnia Manufacturing Centre in Corunna. The project would allow for the blending of fatty acid methyl ester into ultra low sulfur diesel to create a biodiesel. The initiative would further develop the Sarnia-Lambton Hybrid Chemistry Cluster and allow Shell to make steps towards carbon neutrality.

Invenergy. Invenergy LLC is proposing expansion of the St. Clair Energy Centre in St. Clair Township. The project would add up to 180 megawatts of additional electricity production capacity by upgrading and expanding the facility.

Origin Materials – Origin 1 UpdateOrigin expects the plant to be mechanically complete in January 2023. Plant commissioning has started and they anticipate that commissioning will remain on track for completion by the end of Q1 2023, with start-up beginning shortly thereafter.

Reactions from the Stakeholders

“Through the Strategic Plan, it is clear that the Sarnia-Lambton area, as Ontario’s Hydrogen Hub, is well positioned to develop a self-sustaining low-carbon hydrogen economy that would create local jobs, attract investment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, said Partnership CEO Dan Taylor. “The area has every opportunity to be Ontario’s leader in hydrogen production, demand, research, and associated investment, and now we have a roadmap on how to achieve long-term success on the drive to net-zero, while capitalizing on the positive impacts for Sarnia-Lambton.” 

“Similar strategies have led to the development of successful hydrogen hubs and associated investment in competing regions of Canada, such as Alberta,” said Taylor. “With provincial, national, and international competition for investment dollars and associated projects, we have taken the necessary steps to position the Sarnia-Lambton region to capitalize on the burst of economic activity that is expected in coming years and decades. Mayor Bradley has noted, what is going on elsewhere in the country is what is going on here, and we have an opportunity to be part of the national narrative. This strategy supports it” 

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