Hyperfuels to market ethanol-free gasoline in 13 states

January 9, 2023 |

In Texas, Hyperfuels announced that it will market PurFuels ethanol-free gasoline to petroleum distributors and gas station convenience stores in 13 states. This is the first commercial fuel (without ethanol) to be marketed in bulk in multiple states since 2005.

When Hyperfuels began offering special blends of ethanol-free gasoline in 2016 in some Texas markets known as Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) areas is now expanding to 12 more states with RFG areas. Ethanol-free gasoline is the preferred fuel for small engines, boat engines and pre-1976 automobiles which were not designed for ethanol-based gasoline. PurFuels ™ RFG meets EPA standards for Reformulated Gasoline areas and can be sold in these areas.

Hyperfuels will be responsible for all marketing of the product to petroleum distributors and gas station convenience stores where it can be offered as an alternative to ethanol-blended gasoline. The ethanol-free gasoline has been recommended by many engine manufacturers and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

The ethanol-free gasoline will be marketed in the following states:

·      Texas

·      Missouri

·      Illinois

And Coastal Counties in these states:

·      Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island

Most notably, PurFuels ™ ethanol-free gasoline can be dispensed from E85 gas pumps and by offering multiple octane levels the gasoline can be used in typical blender dispensers as regular, mid-grade and premium gasoline. Inquiries from petroleum distributors are invited.

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