ABLC 2023 agenda announced

January 23, 2023 |

In Florida, the Digest announced the agenda for ABLC 2023 in Washington DC, March 22-24, and the first 50 committed speakers. Complete details are available at the ABLC website here.

Official networking for ABLC opened yesterday at digestevents.com including one-to-one messaging and meeting set-up, groups and forums by sector and the opportunity to connect with , follow and engage with all the ABLC delegates in the weeks leading up the event. ABLC CONNECT weekly online events have also are running in January and February with State of the Sector presentations and live networking and discussion on industry trends.

Session highlights

The ABLC Bioeconomy Policy Forum, the Finance & Investment Summit return on the opening main stage day. New this year are special March 22nd workshops on the white-hot areas of SAF deployment and feedstock development. The Due Diligence Wolfpack returns on March 24 to smash hype, cant and pettifoggery in their search for true bioeconomy value. And ultimately more than 100 presenters will engage on subjects including advanced fuels, renewable chemicals & materials, biogas & RNG, advanced food & feed,, hydrogen, plastics, policy, finance, intermediates, catalysts, feedstock and more.

Speakers announced today

One third of the announced speakers are making their ABLC on-stage debuts, and more than 60 percent are C-level executives.

Alex Michine, CEO, METGEN


Brian Foody, CEO, IOGEN

Britt Boughey, CEO, OMC HYDROGEN

Carrie Chase, VP, The Alden Group


Cindy Wilcox, President, MARINE BIOENERGY


Dan Shapiro, CEO, GRON FUELS

Dave Kettner, CEO, VIRENT

David Dodds, Dodds & Associates

David O’Brien, Senior Technical Leader Bioprocessing, MERRICK

David Schwalje, Business Development Director, AXENS

David Winsness, President, COMSTOCK FUELS

Drew Miller,VP Projects, INFINIUM


James Iademarco, CEO, Strategic Avalanche

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech

Jim Lane, The Daily Digest


John Kirkwood, partner, Faegre Dtrinker

Jordan Solomon, CEO, Ecostrat

Keith Simmons, Principal Scientist, SHV ENERGY

Lauren Riley, Director of Sustainability, UNITED AIRLINES

Mac Kennedy, CEO, MOTE

Mark Elless, Technology Manager, BETO

Mark Riedy, partner, Kilpatrick Townsend

Matt Langholz, Team Lead, Bioenergy Resource and Engineering Systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Melissa Ladd, Senior Facilitator, BETO

Michael Darcy, CEO, DG FUELS

Michele Rubino, industry consultant


Mike McCurdy, Director, ICF

Milica Folic, Product Line Director – Clean Fuels & Chemicals, TOPSOE

Pat Gruber, CEO, GEVO

Paul Bryan, Sr. Research Fellow, Origin Materials

Pramod Kumbhar, President & CTO, Praj Matrix

Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman, Praj Industries

Rebecca Groen, Director, Sustainable Fuels, SHV Energy

Ricardo Mussa, CEO, Raizen

Richard Palmer, CEO, Global Clean Energy Holdings

Rusty Pittman, VP, Business Development, DMCBIO

Ryan Faucell, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Boeing

Sam Nejame, Principal, Promotum

Stephanie Batchelor,  Director, BioFutures, Schmidt Futures

Steve Slome Program Manager, Biorenewable Insights, NEXANTECA

Steve Weiss, President, Grey Heron Consulting

Steve Wirtel, EVP, Business Development, KORE INFRASTRUCTURE

Ted Kniesche, Co-Founder, AIGA CAPITAL

Troy Hawkins, Senior Scientist, Argonne National Lab

Wendy Owens, CEO, Hexas Biomass

The ABLC backstory

ABLC is the world’s most widely-attended bioeconomy event series; more than 1500 delegates attended ABLC and ABLC NEXT in 2022, 200+ speakers and 70+ even sponsor partners.  The event features the Hot Technologies Summit, the Hydrogen Summit, th Biogas & RNG Summit, the Hot Projects Summit, the Hot Perspectives Summit, the Finance & Investment Summit, the Bioeconomy Policy Forum, the Corn-to-Chemicals Forum and the Due Diligence Wolfpack.

The 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy is announced live at ABLC, as well as the Global Bioeconomy Leadership Award, the Holmberg Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Bioeconomy, and the event also recognizes members of the Bioeconomy 500 announce din February.

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