The Digest’s 2023 Multi-Slide Guide to Decarbonizing at Mega Scale with Blue Hydrogen

January 24, 2023 |

Decarbonization continues to be a major goal Transferring those targets from paper to reality that’s what we’re going to look at critically today, and specifically at the opportunities in blue hydrogen. Here in these slides, we’ll learn what it is, why and how it goes to mega scale and what the impact in decarbonization is. Who is it for, and when, and and how, and why? As evidence of the trend and Topsoe’s role., we reported last week that Topsoe and Fidelis New Energy have entered into a global alliance for technology used for producing carbon neutral hydrogen. The alliance pairs Topsoe’s hydrogen process portfolio with FidelisH2 technology. Topsoe will lead engagement with potential licensees interested in utilizing FidelisH2 to produce carbon neutral hydrogen at world scale using proven technologies.. Topsoe’s Nitesh Bansal and Adam Samir Kadhim presented these slides at a recent Digest webinar.

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