Bolivia expects to gradually replace the import of hydrocarbons with local biofuel production

January 26, 2023 |

In Bolivia, state news agency ABI reported that Bolivian President Luis Arce said that the country will gradually substitute the import of hydrocarbons with the production of biodiesel, whose first manufacturing plant will be inaugurated within “a few months”. Arce noted that Bolivia is now in the phase of industrializing its raw materials, to substitute hydrocarbon imports. “In the past we have had a lot of imports and dependence on some raw materials and some products that today we are committed to producing. In Bolivia, we have the raw material, we are capable of producing what we are importing and that is what we are doing,” Arce said during an interview with Russian media. In this line, he indicated that the raw materials to locally produce the diesel are the macororo, jhatropa and other native products. “Not only are we going to give sustainability to this demand for hydrocarbons that we have in the country, particularly for diesel; Rather, we are going to afforest many desert regions today with this raw material that produces precisely the oil to make ecological diesel”, he added. According to the report, the first biodiesel facility in Bolivia will be located in the department of Santa Cruz with an investment of $ 40 million.

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