The Digest’s 2023 Multi-Slide Guide to the State of Renewable Chemicals and Materials

January 30, 2023 |

It’s been 18 years since the Werpy and Petersen paper, Top Value Added Chemicals from Biomass —a screening  for Potential Candidates from Sugars and Synthesis Gas that sent a lot of people in search of succinic acid, and about 12 years since industry CEOs started asking, why should I make a $3 fuel when I can make a $5 chemical. The progress has been substantive and is spreading, despite the absence of a Low Carbon Chemicals Standard to establish a price on carbon — it has been all-voluntary, and doubly impressive. Truth is, there are some niches where biobased has the edge over petroleum even without considering carbon. The Drive for Net Zero has inspired even more activity.  Digest editor Jim Lane presented these slides at ABLC Next 2022.

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