The Bioeconomy 500 for 2023 – outstanding leaders of the bioeconomy’s development and deployment

February 6, 2023 |

In Florida, The Daily Digest announced the Bioeconomy 500 for 2023, which recognizes individuals for their leadership contributions to the bioeconomy’s development and project deployment. The 500  honors scientists, engineers, policy makers, financiers, project developers, feedstock pioneers, offtakers, advocates and supply-chain and distribution partners.

All Digest subscribers were eligible to nominate and vote for candidates of their choosing.

All honorees on the 2023 Bioeconomy 500 list who attend ABLC can take part in the ceremony honoring and recognizing the Bioeconomy including the presentation of the official medals and ribbons to each honoree.

“The bioeconomy has grown leaps and bounds in the past 10 years,” said Digest editor Jim Lane, “and it is usually told as a story of technologies and Net Zero pledges — but it is individuals who actually translate opportunity into accomplishment, and the Bioeconomy 500 recognizes those individuals who played the leading part. Congratulations to all the winenrs and the friends who nominated, voted and campaigned for them.”

Aaron Fitzgerald, CEO, Mars Materials
Adam Anders, Managing Partner, ANTERRA CAPITAL
Adam Bratis — Associate Laboratory Director, Bioenergy Science and Technology
Adam Marblestone, CEO, Convergent Research
Adrian Ferrero, Co-Founder & CEO, BIOME MAKERS
Aidan Connolly, Managing Director , KINCANNON & REED
Ajikumar Parayil, CEO, Manus Bio
Alan Shaw, CEO, Calysta
Alec Nielsen, CEO, Asimov
Alex Kopelyan, partner, IndieBio
Alex Michine, CEO, METGEN
Alexander Lorestani ,CEO, Geltor
Alexander Titus, Assistant Director for Biotechnology in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering
Alexandre Zanghellini, CEO, Arzeda
Alicia Lindauer Technology Manager, Bioenergy Analysis & Sustainability
Amol Deshpande, CEO, Farmers Business Network
Anders Laursen, CEO, RenewCO2
Andrée-Lise Méthot,m anaging partner, Cycle Capital Management
Andreea Moyes, global aviation sustainability director,Air BP
Andrew McIlroy Associate Laboratories Director, Integrated Security Solutions Sandia National Laboratories
Andrew Zolli, Chief Impact Officer, PLANET
Andy Shafer, presdient, Shafers Busniness Building Service
Anne Rosenbarger, Co-Chair, RSPO; Global Engagement Manager, Commodities and Finance, WRI
Annica Bresky, CEO, Stora Enso
Annie Tsong, chief strategy & product officer, Amyris
Anthe George, Senior Manager of the Applied Biosciences and Engineering Group, Sandia National Laboratories
Antoine Papiernik, Chairman, Sofinnova Partners
Antoine Schellinger, Koch Project Solutions
Arama Kukutai, CEO, PLENTY
Ariel Zajdband, Senior Product Manager, Agriculture, PLANET
Art Wiselogel, ORISE Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy
Arturo Elizondo, CEO, EVERY
Arunas Chesonis, CEO, Sweetwater Energy
Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Director, Office of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy

Barbara Guerpillon, Senior Director Venture, Transformation and Sustainability, DOLE SUNSHINE COMPANY
Barry Glickman, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions
Ben Alfi, CEO & Co-Founder, BLUEWHITE
Bernardo Gradin, CEO, GranBio
Bernardo Silva, Executive Director, Brazilian Fertilizer Industry Union
Bernhard Palsson, CEO, Center for Biosustainability
Beth Ford, CEO,. Land O’Lakes
Beth Viola, Partner, Holland & Knight
Beth Vitalis, Professor in the Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Bill Brady, CEO, Kula Bio
Bill Crump, Director, Leidos Independent Engineering
Bill Hagy, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Bill Levy, CEO, Pacific Ag
Bill Orts, USDA/ARS/Bioproducts Research Unit (BRU), Director+L51
Billy Hagstrom, CEO, Bluestem Biosciences
Boaz Bachar, CEO, FIELDIN
Bob Hambrecht, Partner, Allotrope Partners
Bob Reiter, Head of R&D, BAYER CROP SCIENCE
Bob Rozmiarek, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, Virent
Borka Kostova Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies
Brent Aufdembrink, Technical Director, Industrial Oils and Lubricants
Brent Shanks, Director, Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, Iowa State University
Brent Zacharias, Head, NuSeed
Brian Foody, CEO, IOGEN
Brian Sikes, CEO, Cargill
Brian Spears, CEO, New Age Meats
Brice-Audren Riché, CEO, LeSaffre
Britt Boughey, CEO, OMC HYDROGEN
Bryan Tracy, CEO, White Dog Labs
Burl Haigwood Advisory Board Member Clean Fuels Foundation Coauthor, Gasolinegate
Byron Best, Chief Engineer, Fidelis New Energy

Carl Bek-Nielsen, Co-Chair, RSPO; Malaysian Palm Oil Association, Chief Executive Director, United Plantations Bhd
Carl Rush, CEO Viridis Chemical
Carlos Cabrera, Chairman, Genomatica
Carrie Chase, VP, The Alden Group
Cassio Correa Barbosa, Operations Director, Amyris Brasil
Charles (Chuck) Kraft, SVP, Manufacturing, Amyris
Charles Dimmler, CEO, Checkerspot
Charles Wyman, CEO, Vertimass
Chavonda Jacobs-Young, Chief Scientist, USDA
Chris Bauleke, CEO, RNAissance
Chris Cooper, Present, US, Neste
Chris Efird, CEO and Chairperson, NEXT Renewable Fuels
Chris Fall, Vice President of Applied Sciences, MITRE
Chris Guske. Chief Technology Officer, Ummimo
Chris Miller , Manager of Low Carbon Engineering, Fidelis New Energy
Chris Moen, Sandia National Laboratories
Chris Tindal, Assistant Director and Business Team Lead, CAAFI
Christian Wichert, CEO, Evolva
Christophe Schilling, CEO, Genomatica
Christopher Voigt, professor, MIT
Chuck Woodside, CEO, Kaapa Ethanol
Cindy Gerhardt , Managing Director, Biotech Campus Delft
Cindy Wilcox, President, MARINE BIOENERGY
CJ Evans, Managing Director, American Diversified Energy Consulting
Clark T. Bell, Founder & CEO, NANO-YIELD
Claudia  Fabiano, Environmental Protection Specialist, EPA
Clea Kolster, Partner and Head of Science, LOWERCARBON CAPITAL
Corey Tyree, CEO, Trillium Renewable Chemicals
Craig Brown, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Craig Pilgrim, VP, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits
Crystal Bleecher, Director Bioprocess Engineering, Synonym Bio
Cynthia Burzell, Chief Scientific Officer at AEQUOR
Cynthia J. Warner, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Group
Cynthia Thyfault, CEO, Global Biofuture Solutions,

Dan Burciaga – ThermoChem Recovery International
Dan Gaspar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dan Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of FIDELIS NEW ENERGY
Daniel Grushkin, executive director, Biodesign Challenge
Danielle Magadia, Air Resources Engineer · California Air Resources Board
Darcy Prather, CEO, Kalion
Dave Austgen, CEO, BioVeritas
Dave Collings, industry consultant (1898 & Co) and Due Diligence Wolfpack member
Dave Hallberg President, South Dakota Ag
Dave Hazelbeck, CEO, GAI
Dave Kettner, CEO, VIRENT
Dave Rubenstein, CEO, California Ethanol + Power
Dave VanderGriend, CEO, ICM
David Babson, Executive Director, Climate Grand Challenges, MIT
David Berry, Managing Director, Flagship Ventures
David Chiaramonti Vice Rector for International Affairs, University of Torino
David Demirjian, CEO at zuChem
David Dodds, Dodds & Associates
David Foster University of Wisconsin (Emeritus)
David Howell Director, VTO — EERE
David Livingstone, Managing Director, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
David Magnussen, Solution Developer, Partner, Chairman, MBP Solutions
David O’Brien, Senior Technical Leader Bioprocessing, MERRICK
David Palmer, co-founder, Natural Fiber Technologies.
David Schwalje, Business Development Director, AXENS
David Sudolsky, CEO, Anellotech
David Tze, CEO, NovoNutrients
David Weiner, Vice President Of Technology, Solugen
David Winsness, President, COMSTOCK FUELS
Deepti Tanjore, Director, Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Development Unit
Dennis McGinn, former CEO, ACORE< fmr Asst Secretary of the Navy
Derek Greenfield, CEO, Industrial Microbes
Devin Walker CEO/Co-Founder T2C-Energy December 15th, 2022 at 12:58 pm EST
Dimitri de Vreeze, co-CEO, DSM
Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO, CROP.ZONE
Dominique Boies, CEO and CFO, Enerkem
Don DiMasi, Bioprocess Consultant
Don Siefkes, Executive Director and President, E-100 Group.
Don Simoneau, CFO, CleanFiber
Donell Rehagen, CEO, CFAA
Doug Cameron, President, First Green Partners
Doug Durante, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Development Coalition, Coauthor, Gasolinegate
Doug Faulkner, President, Leatherstocking LLC
Doug Sombke President President South Dakota Farmers Union
Douglas Dagan, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Renewable Energy, Suburban Propane
Douglas Friedman, CEO, BioMADE
Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Applegate. President,. North America Crop Science, Bayer CropSciences
Drew Endy, associate professor of bioengineering at Stanford University
Drew Miller,VP Projects, INFINIUM
Dror Shalitin, Founder & CEO, PLANTARCBIO

Eduardo Alvarez, COO, Amyris
Edward Eisenstein, Fischell Department of Bioengineering, University of Maryland
Elena Schmidt, executive director, RSB
Elizabeth Clarke, CTO, Industrial Microbes
Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh, DOE Joint Genome Institute
Emily Leproust. CEO, Twist Biosciances
Emily R. Aurand, Director of Roadmapping and Education · Engineering Biology Research Consortium
Emily Skor, CEO, Growth Energy
Eric Adamson, Co-Founder & CEO, TORTUGA AGTECH
Eric Edwards, Managing Partner, IFG Asset Management
Eric Honeyman, VP Renewables, Valero
Eric McAfee, CEO, Aemetis
Eric Pryor, CEO, Fulcrum BioEnergy
Eric Steen, CEO, Lygos
Erick Lutt, Senior Director, Federal Government Relations · Biotechnology Innovation Organization
Erik Fyrwald, CEO, Syngenta
Erik Hagberg, Technical Director, Process Chemistry and Sustainable Materials, ADM
Esteban Chornet, Cofounder and Director Emeritus, Enerkem
Estelle Brachlianoff, Veolia CEO
Ester Baiget, CEO, Novozymes
Ethan Brown, CEO, Beyond Meat
Ethan Ravage, Partner, Allotrope Partners
Ezhil Subbian CEO and co-founder of StringBio

Frances Arnold, co-chair, Presidents’ Council on Science and Technology
Francis deSouza, CEO, Illumina
Frank Tate, CEO, Built with Biology

G Narendra Kumar, Director General, National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, India
Ganesh Kishore, co_CEO, Spruce Capital
Gaurab Chakrabarti, CEO, Sulgen
Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy
Gene Lester, National Program Leader, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Geoff Cooper, CEO, RFA
Geoffrey Hirson. CEO Indaba Renewable Fuels
George Frisvold, Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Arizona
George Huber, professor, University of Wisconsin
Geraldine Matchett, Co-CEO, DSM
Gerard Ostheimer, Co-manager, Clean Energy Ministerial, BioFuture Campaign
Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director, BTG Bioliquids
Gillian Harrison, CEO, Whitefox
Glenn Farris, VP, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Gloverson Moro, CTO, AGRITHORITY
Gopal Sarma, Program Manager · Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Graham Noyes, executive director, LOW CARBON FUELS COALITION
Greg Heckman, CEO, Bunge
Greg Murray, CEO, KOKO
Gregg Beckham, Senior Research Fellow, NREL B185
Gregorio Katz, CEO, Tensac
Gurpreet Singh Program Manager, Advanced Engine and Fuel Technologies  Vehicles Technology Office, US DOE

Ian Klein Chief Technology Officer Spero Renewables,
Ian Simon, Senior Policy Analyst for Biosciences at the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute
Ian Thomson, executive dircector, Canadian Advanced Biofuels Associaton
India Hook-Barnard, Executive Director of the Engineering Biology Research Consortium
Iris Pimentel Palamin Process Development Director, Amyris

Jack Roswell, Co-Founder & COO, PERENNIAL
Jacob Lore, Director, Origination, Koch Engineered Solutions
Jake Joraanstad, Co-Founder & CEO, BUSHEL
James Blome, CEO , Bayer CropScience
James Cogan, EU and Ireland Government Affairs, Industry & Policy Advisor · Ethanol Europe
James Dooley, Chief Technology Officer at Forest Concepts LLC
James Gardner, program manager, Agile BioFoundry
James Guthrie, Industrial Strategies Division, California Air Resources Board
James Hileman, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Beau Hoffman, U.S. Department of Energy
James Iademarco, industry consultant (Strategic Avalanche) and Due Diligence Wolfpack member
James Rogers, CEO, Apeel Sciences
James Spaeth, U.S. Department of Energy
Jamie MacKinnon, SVP, Agri-carbon, ANEW CLIMATE
Jason Kelly, CEO, Gingko BioWorks
Jason Webber, coFounder, Sustainable Conversion Ventures
Jay D. Debertin, CEO, CHS
Jay Fitzgerald, CTO, BioEnergy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
Jay Keasling, Professor UC Berkeley and CEO JBEI
Jean Pougnier, CEO, Crop Enhancement
Jean Sentenac, CEO, Axens
Jeff Broin, Founder & CEO, POET
Jeff Lacey, Idaho National Lab, Staff Scientist
Idaho National Lab, Staff Scientist
Jeff Lievense, Founder & CEO, Lievense Bioengineering LLC
Jeff Passmore, chairman, Passmore Associates
Jennifer Doudna, professor, UC Berkeley
Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech
Jenny Molloy, Founder and Director of the Open Bioeconomy Lab, University of Cambridge
Jens Søgaard Jacobsen, Chief Sales Officer and Partner, MBP Solutions
Jessica Bowman, executive director, PBPC
Jigar Shah, Director, US DOE Loan Programs Office
Jill Hamilton, President, Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc.
Jill Zullo, VP Bio-Intermediates, Cargill
Jim McDermott, CEO, Rusheen Capital Management
Jim Spaeth Program Manager, Systems Development and Integration BETO
Jim Wangerow, Senior Engineer, GTI Energy
Jimmy Samartzis, CEO, LanzaJet
Joanne Ivancic, executive director, Advanced Biofuels USA
Joaquin Alarcon. CEO, Catalyxx
Joe Lucas – Vice President and Managing Director CJ Bio America
Joel Cherry, CTO, Creo Ingredients
Joel Stone, President, ConVergInce Advisers.
Johan Van Walsem, CEOO, Sierra Energy
Johannes Escudero, Executive Director, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
John Benemann, CEO, MicroBio Engineering
John Bissel, Founder & CEO, Origin Materials
John C. May, CEO, John Deere
John Cumbers, CEO, SynBioBeta
John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute
John Ellersick, President, Next Rung Technology
John Farrell, laboratory program manager for vehicle technologies, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
John Hamer, Managing Partner, DCVC BIO
John Holladay, CTO, LanzaTech
John Kirkwood, partner, Faegre Drinker
John Melo, CEO, Amyris
John Plaza, CEO, SkyNRG Americas
John Reich, Program Director, FFAR
Johney Green Associate Laboratory Director, Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Sciences National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jonathan Male, Chief Scientist in the Energy Processes and Materials Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jonathan Strimling, CEO, CleanFiber
Jordan Solomon, CEO, Ecostrat
Joshua Ruch, CEO, Rho Capital Partners
Joško Bobanović, Partner, Industrial Biotech Strategy, Sofinnova Partners,
Jud Virden Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Environment Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Justin Bredlau, Under Secretary of Research, Education, and Economics and USDA Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Karin Calvinho, CTO, RenewCO2
Karl Handelsman, General Partner, Codon Capital
Karn Manhas, CEO, Terramerra
Karsten Temme, CEO, Pivot Bio
Kat Knauer, Program Manager, NREL
Kathryn Cook, Co-Founder & CEO, NUCICER
Keith Simmons, Principal Scientist, SHV ENERGY
Kelly Tiller, CEO, Genera
Kelvin H. Lee, Director of the Manufacturing USA National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
Kent Goeking, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Kevin Barnett, CTO, Pyran
Kevin Craig, Program Manager, Conversion Technologies
Kevin Jarrell, Co-Founder and CEO, Modular Genetics
Kevin Lucke, President, Chevron Renewable Energy Group
Kevin Stork and Michael Weismiller Technology Managers, Advanced Engine and Fuel Technologies
Kim Nelson, VP, GranBio
Kimberlie Le., CEO, Prime Roots
Kirk Haney, Managing Partner, Radicle Growth
Kristala Prather, professor, MIT
Kristin Lewis, U.S. Department of Transportation, Volpe Transportation Systems Center Anna Oldani, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Valerie Reed, U.S. Department of Energy

Lana Suarez, Acting Chief, Chemicals Management Branch, Sustainable Management of Food, EPA
Larry Feinberg, CEO, Knip Bio
Laura Flanagan, CEO, Ripple Foods
Lauren Riley, Director of Sustainability, UNITED AIRLINES
Lee Lynd, Professor Dartmouth and Founder/CSO Enchi Corp.
Len Humphreys, CEO, Licella
Linda Trolinder, Senior Vice President, Head of R&D Seeds and Traits, BASF Corporation
Linnea Fletcher, Biotechnology Department Chair, & Director, InnovATEBIO
Lisa Dyson, CEO, Air Protein
Luca Vailati, Business Development Director, DIMETA
Luciano Bueno, CEO, GALY
Luis Cascão-Pereira, Global R&D Ventures Director, ‘IFF

Maarten van Dijk, CDO, SkyNRG
Mac Kennedy, CEO, MOTE
Maiju Helin, Chair, Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
Marc Stuart, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Allotrope Partners
Marianne Walck VP California Laboratory/Lead, Energy and Climate Program Sandia National Laboratories
Marilyn Bruno, CEO, Aequor
Mark Brodziski, Director, Speciality Programs Division, USDA Rural Business Service
Mark Brooks, Managing Director, FMC VENTURES
Mark J. Riedy, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Mark Rumizen, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Mark Shmorhun, U.S. Department of Energy
Mark Shmorhun, Technology Manager, BioEnergy Technologies Offive, US Department of Energy
Mark Warner, CEO, Liberation Labs,
Mary Maxon, Executive Director, Schmidt Futures
Matias Viel , CEO, BeeFlow
Matt Coutts, Chief Investment Officer, COUTTS AGRO
Matt Gardner, head, Advisory Life Sciences practice, CBRE’s
Matt Langholtz, Team Lead, Bioenergy Resource and Engineering Systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Matt Lipscomb, CEO, DMC Biotechnologies
Matt Murdock, CEO, Raven SR
Matt Spears Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association
Matthew L. Scullin, CEO, MycoWorks
Matthias Boll, Institut of Biologie, University of Freiburg
University of Freiburg
Matti Lehmus, CEO, Neste
Maureen McCann, Biosciences Center Director, NREL
Meaghan Seagrave, executive director, BioIndustrial Innovatino Canada
Megan J. Palmer, Executive Director of Bio Policy & Leadership Initiatives at Stanford University
Melissa Ladd, Senior Facilitator, BETO
Michael Berube, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation , US Department fo Energy
Michael Darcy, CEO, DG FUELS
Michael DeCamp, CEO, CoverCress
Michael Fero – COO, TeselaGen Biotechnology
Michael Gilbert, CEO & Founder ,SEMIOS
Michael Köpke, Vice President Synthetic Biology – LanzaTech
Michael McAdams Advanced Biofuels Association
Michael Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Forest Concepts LLC
Michael Selden, CEO, Finless Foods
Michael Wolcott, ASCENT/Washington State University.
Michel Chornet, EVP, Engineering, Operations and Innovation, Enerkem
Michele Goodwin, Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy, UC Irvine
Michele Rubino, industry consultant and Due Diligence Wolfpack member
Miguel Calatayud, CEO, iWI
Mikala Grubb, Director, Clean Fuels Technology, Topsoe
Mike Arbige, former VP Technology, DuPont Industrial Biosciences
Mike Fatigati, CTO, Raven SR
Mike Hart, CEO,Sierra Energy
Mike Lynch, co-founder, DMC Bio
Mike McCurdy, Director, ICF
Mike Van Drunen, CEO, Algix
Molly Mors, CEO, Mango Materials
Murray McLaughlin, chair, Biomass Quality Network Canada

Nancy Young, former Chief Sustainability Officer, Alder Fuels
Natalie Kuldell, executive director, BioBuilder Educational Foundation
Nathan Brown,Alternative Jet Fuels Project Manager, FAA, US DOT
Naveen Sikka, CEO, Terviva
Neal Jakel, managing director, Fluid Quip Technologies
Neil Lamb, President – HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Neil Renninger, founder, Ripple Foods
Nick Facciola, Director, Carbon Projects
Nicolas Otamendi, CEO, EIWA
Nigel Mouncey, Director, Joint Genome Institute
Noah Helman, CSO, Industrial Microbes
Noubar Afeyan, CEO, Flagship Ventures

Oliver Peoples, CEO, Yield10 Biosciences
Olivier Rigaud, CEO, Corbion

Pat Gruber, CEO, GEVO
Patrice Sellès, CEO, BIOTALYS
Patrick Brown, CEO, Impossible Foods
Patrick Serfass, executive director, ABC
Paul Bryan, Process Technology Fellow, Origin Materials and Due Diligence Wolfpack member
Paul Hill, SVP, Process + Development, Amyris
Paul Machiele U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Paul Schubert, CEO, Strategic Biofuels
Pedro Cuelho, CEO, Provivi
Pedro Ortiz-Toral, Bioenergy Program Manager, GTI Energy
Perry Toms,. CEO, Steeper Energy
Peter Weisberg; Director, Development; 3Degrees Group, Inc.
Phil Erlanger, Founder & Managing Partner, ALIMENT CAPITAL
Philippe Marchand, Bioenergy Steering Committee Member of the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP)
Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO, INARI
Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman, Praj Industries
Pramod Kumbhar, President & CTO, Praj Matrix

Rachel Hauurwitz, CEO, Caribou Biosciences
Rahul Shendure, CEO, Carbon Built
Ralf Hortsch, Head of Strategy & Marketing, Biofuels & Derivatives, Clariant
Randall C. Stuewe, CEO, Darling Ingredients
Randy Rettberg, Director, MIT Registry of Standard Biological Parts
Randy Whitaker, Co-Founder and CFO, Viridis Chemical
Rashi Akki, Founder & CEO, Ag-Grid Energy
Rathin Datta, PhD; Board Chairman; Vertec BioSolvents, Inc.
Ray Kowalik, CEO, Burns & McDonnell
Rebecca Boudreaux, CEO Oberon Fuels
Rebecca Groen, Director, Sustainable Fuels, SHV Energy
Rebecca White, CEO, PEBBLE LABS
Reshma Shetty, co-Founder, Ginkgo BioWorks
Ricardo Mussa, CEO, Raizen
Rich Altice, CEO, NatureWorks
Richard Gilmore, CEO, GIC Group
Richard Gustafson, professor, University of Washington
Richard Palmer, CEO, Global Clean Energy Holdings
Rina Singh, Executive Vice President, Alternative Fuels and Chemicals Coalition
Rob Carlson, Managing Director, Bioeconomy Capital
Rob Meyers, VP, Global Agri Operations, PEPSICO
Robert Graham, CEO, Ensyn
Robert Schuetzle, CEO, Infinium
Robert Wagner Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Roberto Simões, CEO, Braskem
Rocco A Fiato, CEO & Managing Director, BioAccelergy Ventures Corporation
Rocco Casagrande, Managing Director, Gryphon Scientific
Roger Wyse, co-CEO, Spruce Capital
Rohit Khaitan, Founder, Khaitan Bio Energy
Ron Baruchi, President & CEO, AGMATIX
Ron Hovsepian, CEO, Indigo Agriculture
Rupark Sarswat, CEO, india glycols
Rusty Pittman, VP, Business Development, DMC Bio
Ryan Caulfield, Sr. Bioprocessing Engineer, Merrick & Company,
Ryan Faucell, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Boeing
Ryan Hunt, CYO, Algix
Ryan Pandya, CEO, Perfect Day Foods
Ryan Smith, Founder & CTO, Origin Materials
Ryan Steinbach, U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs

Sam Eathington, CTO, Corteva Agriscience
Sam Nejame, Principal, Promotum
Samir Somaiya, Chair, Godavari Biorefineries
Sanjeev Krishnan, CIO & Managing Director, S2G VENTURES
Sarah McKay, Director of Market Development · National Corn Growers Association
Sarah Nolet, General Partner, TENACIOUS VENTURES
Sarah R. Carter, Policy Entrepreneur In Residence for the Bioeconomy at the Federation of American Scientists
Scott Wine, CEO, Case New Holland
Sean de Cleene, Head of Food Systems, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM
Sean Hunt, CTO Solugen
Sean Simpson, Chief Scientific Officer, LanzaTech December
Seana Day, Venture Partner, BETTER FOOD VENTURES
Sebastián Calvo, CEO, SURCOS
Shely Aronov, Founder & CEO, INNERPLANT
Siddhartha C. Kadia, CEO, Berkeley Lights
Somaiya Vidyavihar, President,  Godavari Biorefineries
Sourav Sengupta, Sourav Sengupta, DuPont
Sri Kosaraju, CEO, Inscripta
Stefan Unnasch, Managing Director, Life Cycle Associates
Stéphane Michel, President Gas, Renewables & Power, Total New Energies
Stephanie Batchelor, Director, BioFutures, Schmidt Futures
Stephen Dilly, CEO, Codexis
Stephen van Helden, principal, Novo Holdings
Steve Brody, President & CEO, BIOCONNECT IOWA
Steve Csonka, Executive Director, CAAFI
Steve Lewis, VP Technology & Innovatio, POET
Steve Slome Program Manager, Biorenewable Insights, NEXANTECA
Steve Toon, Sr. VP of Operations and Engineering, BioVeritas
Steve Weiss, President, Grey Heron Consulting
Steve Wirtel, EVP, Business Development, KORE INFRASTRUCTURE
Steven Slome, industry consultant (NexantECA) and Due Diligence Wolfpack member
Sunil Chandran, CSO, Head of R&D, Amyris
Suzanne Allaire, CEO, GECA Quebec Canada
Svein Tore Holsether, CEO, YARA
Sylvia Wulf, President & CEO, AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.

Tammy Klein, Principal Consultant, Transport Energy Strategies
Tara O’Toole, EVP, In-Q-Tel
Taraka Dale, Scientist and Principal Investigator in Bioscience Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ted Kniesche, Co-Founder, AIGA CAPITAL
Terry Mazanec, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Thomas A. Daschle, Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Thomas Amidon, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Biorefinery Sciences
Thomas Laurent, Founder & CEO, MICROPEP TECHNOLOGIES
Tim Bucher, CEO & Co-Founder, AGTONOMY
Tim Zenk, CEO, Molecule
Tina Bahadori, executive director, National Academies’ Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
Tina Boville, Co-founder & CEO , Aralez Bio
Todd Becker, CEO, Green Plains
Todd Taylor, CEO, Avisen Legal
Todd Werpy, CSO, ADM
Tom Dickson, CEO, New Energy Risk
Tom Mullen Verrtimass, LLC
Tom van Aken, CEO, Avantium
Tom Vilsack, SUS Secretary of Agriculture
Travis Bayer, Co-Founder & CTO, SOUND AGRICULTURE
Troy Hawkins, Senior Scientist, Argonne National Lab
Turner Smith, Managing Partner, IFG Asset Management

Ulrich Schurr, Head, Bioeconomy Science Center
Uma Valeti, CEO, Upside Foods

Valerie Sarisky-Reed, Director, Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) US Dept of Energy
Venkata Mohan, Chief Scientist, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Vipula Shukla, Senior Program Officer, Agriculture R&D, THE BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION

Wael Sawan, Head, Gas & Renewables, Shell
Wayne Lee, CEO, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Wendy Owens, CEO, Hexas Biomass
Will Thurmond, CEO, Emerging Markets Online
William Goldner, U.S. Department of Agriculture
William Hohenstein, Director, Office of Energy and Environmental Policy, US Department of Agriculture

Xin Sun Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Environmental Sciences Oak Ridge National Laboratory





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