CNH buys majority state in UK methane experts Bennamann

March 15, 2023 |

In the UK, CNH Industrial is expanding its alternative fuel capabilities by taking a majority stake in Bennamann – a UK-based expert in solutions to capture, repurpose and store fugitive methane emissions for energy use. In conjunction with CNH Industrial equipment, Bennamann’s infrastructure delivers a carbon negative system that fully supports a circular economy in farming. This move boosts our leading position and portfolio in alternative fuels for the agriculture industry.

CNH’s relationship with Bennamann began in 2019 when they jointly developed a liquefied natural gas fuel tank for its tractor prototype. In 2021, its Ventures investment arm acquired a minority stake in the business. On a pilot farm in the UK, their shared technologies are capturing fugitive emissions from farm biowaste – specifically livestock manure slurry – which are then purified into biomethane that is subsequently either compressed or liquefied. Both can be used as vehicle fuel, to generate electricity, and even supply household or farm power, while the byproducts of the conversion process can be used as a natural fertilizer. In total, the system provides energy independence for the farm, reduces input costs, and potentially generates additional revenue streams. This work has also led to the introduction of the world’s first liquefied fugitive methane tractor prototype, the New Holland T7 Methane Power LNG, which is operationally carbon negative when fueled by Bennamann’s system.

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