The Digest’s 2023 Multi-Slide Guide to Bunge

March 15, 2023 |

Bunge is in the business of trading raw agricultural commodities for domestic use, for export to world markets, a grain processor and developer of consumer products, headquartered in St. Louis. They are known for oilseed processing, refining edible oils, milling corn, rice and wheat, sourcing grains and oilseeds grown by farmers and turning them into quality animal feed and value-added food ingredients used in the food industry. The company is a major originator of soybeans, corn, sorghum, rice, wheat and canola, and a key supplier of milled grain and edible oils to the foodservice, food processing, bakery and retail industries, including shortenings, margarines and cooking oils, grits, meal and flour. The Bunge team prepared this company investor update for distribution this year.

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