Aviation Climate Taskforce grants Susteon $400,000 for DAC-to-jet approach

May 16, 2023 |

In California, the Aviation Climate Taskforce announced the funding of its first research grant to pioneer an innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC)-to-Jet approach—transforming conventional DAC to aviation-aligned reactive DAC by combining CO2 capture with CO2 conversion. The $400,000 grant to Susteon will be used to create a new material that can capture and convert CO2 into methanol and ethanol which can then be upgraded to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This approach could diversify the feedstock available for SAF and ultimately lead to lower production costs – overcoming key barriers in making large-scale SAF use a reality.

With funding from ACT, Susteon will advance a Dual Functional Material (DFM) and its methods of use. The DFM includes a sorbent and catalyst that will capture and then convert CO2 into alcohol. The project is ultimately aimed at the successful commercial deployment of these DFMs, for the production of alcohols, which can then be upgraded to SAF via well-established alcohol-to-jet (AtJ) routes. This will pave the way for using reactive CO2 capture to directly produce value-added products, bolstering an emergent manufacturing industry while significantly reducing overall CO2 emissions.

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