GenH2 and ZeroAvia sign MoU to develop liquid hydrogen technologies for airports

May 25, 2023 |

In Florida, GenH2, a specialist in hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has signed an agreement with hydrogen-electric propulsion developer ZeroAvia to develop liquid hydrogen aviation infrastructure solutions for use in airport environments.

ZeroAvia is developing what it claims to be the first practical zero-emission aviation powertrain to provide clean aviation by replacing conventional combustion engines. ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric engine uses fuel cells to generate electricity from hydrogen fuel, before using that electricity to power electric motors that turn the aircraft propellers.

Meanwhile, GenH2 offers Hydrogen liquefaction, storage and dispensing systems ranging from 20kg/day up to 5000 Kg/day that are capable of working airside as a ground support refueling unit and as a primary source of LH2 fuel in support of airport operations. GenH2’s technology allows liquid hydrogen utilizers to break traditional geographic constraints so that they can get liquid on demand and wherever their businesses require.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with ZeroAvia to develop airside LH2 infrastructure solutions that will establish the foundation for dedicated ground support for ZeroAvia aircraft,” said Greg Gosnell, CEO of GenH2. “The combination of the technologies from ZeroAvia and GenH2 will speed time to market and accessibility for aviation advanced clean energy.”

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