About Biotechnology Commercializer

The Commercializer is a newsletter from the Nuu Media, including the Digest and Nuu, highlighting notable technologies available for commercial deployment and licensing; the newsletter highlights up to 10 new technologies each issue and reaches more than 40,000 opt-in technophiles found within the Digest’s global audience of 3.3 million.

The Commercializer is global in reach — readers are found in every one of the top 150 countries in the world by population.

Biotechnology Commercializer is aimed at technology deployment, and although the technologies we highlight are new, they are not lab-rat, bench-scale proofs of concept at low Technical Readiness Levels. Rather, they are workhorses designed to move the bioeconomy towards greater yields, cost-efficiencies, a diversification of products and a reduction in environmental impact.

The highlighted technologies comes from academia, private and national labs and commercial technology developers.

To participate as a sponsor of Biotechnology Commercializer and highlight a technology of your own, contact Megan Fahey at [email protected] or call +1 (561) 310-1948.