Western Australia and Siemens will build major combined solar and wind hydrogen production farm

October 8, 2019 |

In Western Australia, Siemens has entered a partnership in the western territory of Australia to help build a major combined solar and wind hydrogen production farm, which Siemens states will help Australia’s international trading partners meet their emission reduction goals. The location— Murchison House Station— is said to have one of the best capabilities of wind and solar generation in Australia. The Local Nanda Aboriginal Corporation has given its formal support, which was needed to allow resource monitoring processes to proceed. Executive Chairman of Hydrogen Renewables Australia believes “that Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project’s location is the best in Australia for combined solar and wind, making it one of the most cost-effective spots to produce clean energy.” The project will be developed in 3 stages, beginning with a demonstration phase and ending with the export of hydrogen to Asian markets, most notably Japan and Korea. 

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