Raven SR and Zanker Recycling have signed a letter of intent to produce hydrogen from waste plastic 

November 19, 2019 |

In Wyoming, Zanker Recycling has signed a letter of intent with Raven SR, a renewable fuels company, to provide the site and feedstock for Raven SR’s first commercial renewable hydrogen production facility. Raven SR’s non-combustion, multi-patented, Steam/CO2 reforming process converts mixed feedstock (biogenic and non-biogenic) into renewable fuel products such as hydrogen, diesel, methane and Fischer-Tropsch fuels. The CEO of Raven SR emphasized the importance of the partnership by stating that this acts as an “important first step in bringing green, renewable hydrogen to the northern California market to help meet the California Energy Commission’s goal that transportation hydrogen be at least 33% renewable and have a carbon intensity of 30 or less. Our fuels meet and exceed that requirement…”

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