Maine may host power-to-gas pilot project to save money on wasted renewable energy, but only if the legislature can support it 

December 3, 2019 |

In Maine, resource and power consuming curtailment has pushed the state to consider hosting a pilot project that will convert surplus electricity from wind farms and other renewable generators into a gas that can be stored in underground pipelines. One bottleneck in northern Maine forced grip operators to curtail enough renewable power last year to power 10,000 homes. Summit Natural Gas, one of the state’s gas distribution companies, is currently directing its focus on making sure the Legislature is aware of power-to-gas options. A scenario of the potential benefits of a power-to-gas system was presented as an example to support the infrastructure plan. It discussed the excess electricity produced by wind farms in Maine during the winter, and rather than costly curtailment, hydrogen capture and subsequent mixture into the natural gas pipeline could be a more cost-effective method of managing excess renewable energy production. 

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