French Industrial Company, Hydrogène de France, becomes first mass producer of high powered fuel cells 

December 10, 2019 |

In France, The Financial Post stated that Hydrogène de France (HDF) has launched a high-powered production plant, where it will be the first in the world to mass produce high-powered PACs using proton exchange membrane technology. With this move, it now becomes French industrial company.  It will integrate the Fuel Cell stacks of Canadian company Ballard, which today has the most widely deployed technology in the world. This exclusive worldwide agreement allows HDF to offer high-powered FCs whose performance and prices are adapted to the energy market. HDF’s vision is based on the development of hydrogen as a fuel and a vehicle for storing electricity. Renewable energies have conquered a place in the world of energy by overcoming the challenge of competitiveness. HDF believes that the time has come to take on the challenge of intermittency.

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