Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power wants to switch to at least 30% “clean-burning hydrogen” by 2025

December 17, 2019 |

In Los Angeles, the LA Times reports that the Department of Water and Power (DWP) have entered discussions with possible vendors for gas turbines that it plans to install in Utah in order to transition from “planet-warming gas” to “clean-burning hydrogen” at a facility that would replace the coal-fired plant in Utah. “There is no way to get to 100% renewable energy that I can see right now without hydrogen in the mix. It doesn’t exist,” stated the DWP General Manager. DWP leadership is therefore committed to installing turbines capable of burning a mix of 30% hydrogen and 70% gas when the new power plant opens in 2025. The timeline described includes a steady increase to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2045. However, the utility’s in-house ratepayer advocate alluded to the adage that nobody wants to be first in the hyper-cautious utility industry. “Utilities race to be second. And sometimes it’s better to be third.” The DWP’s director sees this transition as a unique opportunity. 

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