President of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association states the case for leveraging fuel cells to enhance emergency response efforts 

December 31, 2019 |

In Washington D.C., Morry Markowitz, President of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, wrote for where he provided use cases that showed how reliable fuel-cell power generation really is, and how necessary it is for secure backup power generation. Today, there are more than 8,500 fuel cell systems installed for backup power across the country. Backup power provided by fuel cells made by Plug Power helped mitigate cascading communication outages along Florida, Georgia, and Alabama during Hurricane Michael. Doosan’s fuel cells helped provide power to grocery stores while minimizing financial loss associated with spoiled produce and dairy during the same hurricane. Now, giant IT companies such as Apple, AT&T, IBM, Google, and Verizon all invest in fuel cell technology for critical telecommunications and datacenter operations. When the grid was down, fuel-cells were able to stay active. In the future, these fuel cell systems could provide much needed security, particularly in areas impacted by natural disasters or areas that cannot afford to have loss of power. 

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