Japan and Australia sign a statement of cooperation to facilitate the expansion of the “Hydrogen Society”

January 14, 2020 |

In Australia, The Minister for Resources, Energy, and Northern Australia as well as Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry met in Melbourne to sign a joint statement of cooperation on hydrogen and fuel cells, which assures the exchange of information and trade resources in order to enhance the growth of the “Hydrogen Society” in the Minister’s respective countries. Japan and Australia have each played pivotal roles in the growth of the global hydrogen economy, with Japan building hydrogen production systems, improving the associated tech of hydrogen infrastructure, and facilitating the growth of the demand market; while Australia is building-up a production base to meet both future export demand and fostering domestic demand in niche hubs. Australia’s Minister for Resources, Energy, and Northern Australia stated that “Australia and Japan recognise that hydrogen is a key contributor to reducing emissions, especially when produced from renewable energy or fossil fuels combined with carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)”. 

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